a huge wave flowed with rage,
so unexpected, yet so powerful
not alone,
but accompanied by questions
waiting to be answered

It was my thought,
oh so deep, oh so fake,
trying to grasp all of me
pretending to be an epiphany

I tried to get up
i tried to hold on to something else
“it is made up, i didn’t do anything”
but there came another wave conveying
“what if it is all real?”

Never look back

lurking through the shadows,
she walked away without turning back
aloof were her fears,
distant but buried deep inside somewhere

she promised herself
never to look back
never to let those fears remind her of her weaknesses

and there she went
towards the rising sun
feeling it’s rays on her skin
reliving the moment again



a young lady had lost
on that glorious rainy day
wind blowing through her hair
she had let everyone down, again.

the rain felt like her own tears
showering down without a pause
ruined by her own fears
she walked towards the woods,

~@wickedpoetryblog (wordpress)

Self love 🧑

as I opened my eyes
i saw a shimmer,
pristine and bright
entering into my heart
it was a wave of self love
and a pretty pretty start.

@wickedpoetryblog (Wicked Poet)


She was knocking on my window
waiting for someone, insipid,
to open it

running towards it
leaving all my shit beneath,
reached, catching my breath

behind me was standing death

death didn’t let me open it
it strangled me towards itself
but all i could see
was the window’s handle.

i tried my best to get towards it

but death made me forever his’.


The Rising Wind πŸ‚ (poem)

With aurora,
came a swirl of rising wind, bustling,
hilaros and exciting,

the bloke,
tormented and stressed,
felt an instant warmth of relief.

that is why, my friend
we were always asked
to believe.

Pov: If Nature Could Speak.

Oh dear
I am sorry for myself
They’ll keep hurting me,
until i beg them for help

It was my angst
that cajoled me to speak
My rage
was on its peak.

Soon this torture
Is gonna make me disappear
And when it will take place,
those bastards will feel the same fear.


Them to talk to me
Let me cry
It lets me heal

You are making things more difficult for me
You don’t even know how anxious i’ve been.

I feel lonely, all the time.
Embrace me or my feelings will soon die.

Please don’t ask me if i am fine
I don’t want to realise i am not.